Algorithm Development Examples

Cametrics has a proven track record of deploying its expertise of modeling in software development projects. Algorithms are first designed and then extensively tested in a simulation environment. This not only ensures that they fulfill the requirements but also reduces the integration period and costs of moving to the target platform. We use a variety of tools for this including MathCad, Matlab, SciLab, VisualBasic, Java, C++. Get more free Artificial Intelligence eBooks, from ITeBook.
Some example projects that our staffs have been involved with include:

Development of focus algorithm for semiconductor mask maker

The algorithm was developed and tested in SciLab (a Matlab clone) to ensure immunity to detector noise and that correct focus is achieved. Several algorithms were reviewed and the best selected. In simulation a focussing accuracy of better than 35nm has been achieved with 2% noise.

Development of image alignment algorithms

An algorithm was developed to automatically align a stack of retinal images. The algorithm deals with variations in position, rotation and scale of the images.

Model of optical column for lithography system

A comprehensive mathematical model was developed in MathCad. System setup and calibration algorithms were tested in the MathCad model before coding in C.

Optical monitor cut algorithm

Modelling of algorithms for an industrial process monitor (based on optical interferometer signal) for deposition industry. The stop algorithm was modeled in C to ensure correct stop point detected in presence of noise and interference. This resulted in patentable IP for our client. We then migrated the algorithm to a DSP for the production systems.

Scan System Model

A model of a scanning system (used in an e-beam lithography system) was developed in Java, and included effects such as lens distortions, DAC bit depth etc. This was then used to help develop and test calibration software (developed in C++). TCP/IP was used to connect the model to the calibration software.

Home Improvement Tools Every Home Should Have

We all love a good domicile and we are always looking out for the best ways to improve on them. Everyone has a list in their minds of the things they could improve in their houses. From the bedroom, the living room, the dining area, the bathrooms, the ceiling, and even the outside porch. The list is endless. It is important for our residence to grow as we become older, making it a comfortable place to live in.

For the major home projects, we require a professional contractor to come help us out and make certain of thorough developments. But there are some minor home repairs that we should be able to do on our own. That is where the toolbox comes in. For some people, a toolbox is just a security device that they can use on thugs or threatening intruders. It is undeniable of a fact that they are helpful and actually very efficient, but we should not forget their main use, which is for fixing broken things in the home.

Do you have the right tools in your home?

  •     The right tool assures that one saves on time as the tools are fit for the job, thereby making the work easier.
  •     Having the right tools at home also saves on money as homeowners can make minor repairs on their own without hiring a constructor.
  •     Using the right tool for the right job also saves on energy.

Here is a list of tools that should not be missing in your toolbox. The advantage is that you do not need to buy a complete kit at once. You can just buy one item at a time. Before you know it, your toolbox will be complete.

  •     Screwdrivers are necessary for every home. Almost every repair will require a screwdriver. They come in different types and shapes for different uses. A flathead screwdriver and Philips screwdriver should be a few of the first things that should be bought in the list. However, always confirm that you turn of the electricity before dealing with it on different appliances and fixtures.
  •     Tape measure: This is one useful tool and should not be ignored. No matter the kind of home improvement you are doing, chances are, you are going to need a tape measure.
  •     Vise grip pliers are extra hands to be utilized in our projects. They are very functional around the house, especially in the garage.
  •     Drills and bits: this is one tool that will prove valuable, especially when there is some drilling to be done. It really makes work so much easier.
  •     Pliers: For homes, it is important to get needle nose pliers that can be used for different purposes. There are also pliers that are electric friendly.
  •     The crescent wrench is one gizmo every home should have since it is used in almost all home improvement projects.
  •     The saw and the level are also great tools to possess.

Home improvement is easy if you have the right tools at your disposal. Improve your home one fix at a time and always remember that quality is everything when it comes to getting the right gear.